Hey photographer!

Do you plan to visit Iceland? Great idea! Here is my ”must have” on the trip:

  • Two cameras
    You don’t want to be without a camera in case of one breaks down. If you have a professional DSLR they will stand some water, but don’t trust this too hard!
  • Plastic bags with zipper (or a rain protection if you have!)
    As I showed in the episode a plastic bag can save the whole trip! If you forgot one at home buy in the closest store asap when you arrives!
  • Rainproof clothes
    Seriously… don’t do the same mistake as me this trip. ”April is so warm” – no it’s NOT and I should have known… So bring rainproof pants, gloves and jacket and keep them close in the car.
  • Lenses
    I would recommend a tele zoom and a wide angle for a trip to Iceland. If you must choose to bring 1 lens I would without doubt recommend a 70-200mm lens or similar.
  • Change of clothes in your camera bag
    It will most likely be wet during your trip, so be careful not to forget extra change of clothes to keep close when you are out and photographing.
  • A small towel
    To dry your self or your equipment
  • A tripod
    To capture northern lights or long shutter waterfalls are so beautiful, so be sure to pack a good tripod as well. We recommend Sirui tripods!
  • Toiletpaper
    There are not always toilets available, bring some toilet paper and a bag to throw it in, in case of emergency 😉