About us and the series


Jag (Emelie) och Elin lärde känna varandra när vi båda drev några av Sveriges största fotobloggar. Vi var unga tjejer som försökte ta oss fram i en  då teknik och mansdominerad bransch och älskade båda att skapa utifrån bilden och konsten snarare än utifrån vår utrustning. Idag är vi 28 och 29 år och driver egna företag som fotografer. Vi har lärt oss enormt mycket längst vägen, men kanske framförallt hittat oss själva i det vi älskar att göra mest.  Förutom att vi är bästa vänner så kan vi båda bli alldeles tokiga av fint solnedgångsljus, hittar inspiration på de mest konstiga ställen och blir mer pirriga av ett kamerapaket än kläder. Vi är ambitiösa, skrattar mycket, älskar att inspirera och står upp för att alla ska få fota precis så som de vill, med och utan snea horisonter…

Me (Emelie) and Elin got to know each other when we both had  Swedens biggest photo blogs. We were young girls who tried to fight us through a male dominated industry where everything was about the technique. We are now 28 and 29 years old and work with our own companies as photographers. We have learned a lot along the road, but we have especially found our selfs and what we love to do the most.  We are best friends and we freak out about a beautiful sunset, find inspiration in the weirdest places and loves to open a photo equipment package more than clothes. We are ambitious, laughs a lot, loves to inspire and wants everyone to photograph the way the want, even if it’s with a uneven horizon..


The idea was barn the summer 2016 when we just got home from a workshop on Iceland. We were missing a easygoing and creative webtvseries for modern photographers in Sweden, so we created one on our own! We want to inspire other photographers and show them that you don’t need to follow any rules to get a good picture. We believe every photographer creates after their emotions, there are no right and wrongs. After the first season on Aruba we got such amazing reviews from our swedish audience, we then decided to continue on english!



Photographed since: 2008
Favorite lens: Canon 35mm f.2 IS USM
Favorite motive: Alla motives where you can apply a cozy moment..
Favorite tv series: Stranger Things and Game of Thrones!

Emelie about Elin: When I’m together with Elin I can laugh at jokes forever that no one else understands (like her name on my phone is Löerd). I can talk about sensitive and deep things about life and then the moment after struggle to get the best picture at our breakfast. Elin are funny, warm, thoughtful and extremely talanted on everything about picture and art. She is an amazing friend and I’m so happy to do this together with her.


Photographed since: 2006
Favorite lens: Canon 85mm f.1,2 L USM
Favorite motive: Beautiful maternity pictures
Favorite tv series: Outsiders

Elin about Emelie: Emelie is the most crazy and thoughtful person I know. But also the most inspiring, both in work and how she looks at life. When I’m with her I can laugh until my stomach cramps, we scream about back lighting and we can without problem brag about ourselves. The best of friendship, and a kick ass team!

We believed we could, so we did.